Braided Sleeve

KY-PET/FR expandable braided sleeve is braided by halogen-free  environmental PET monofilament, Braided sleeve with good flame retardancy, heat insulation properties, scalability, Woven sleeve, woven mesh Tube , wire and cable woven Sleeve can satisfy the request of various industrial fields on abrasion resistance, especially its unique weaving structure can be expanded to 1.5 times larger than the original diameter size, suitable for package wiring harness, ensure its smoothly go through the huge volume connector.

KY-PET/HFR -High Flame Retardant Braided Sleeve

High flame retardant braided sleeving is braided by UL 94 VO grade raw material PET mono filaments. It has excellent expandability, abrasive resistance and high flame retardancy. Its flame rating can be up to VW-1.

Color braided network management/Color Braided sleeve

LN-BZW Zipper Expansive Braided sleeve Made of polyester monolayer woven and add the  zipper stitching.

Zipper woven sleeve with good heat dissipation, scalability, fire resistance, wear resistance, easy to operate and other characteristics. The zipper structure is good for internal harness protection and reassembly.

MZF - open dense woven textile sleeve made by Polyester monofilament and cotton yarn, It has fire resistance,  wear resistance, softness, dustproof, quick and easy to operate and other characteristics. the one side Open structure is good to protect refit, reassembly  maintenance and overhaul for inner wiring harness.

ZSC- Self wraped braided sleeves is a new kind wire protection sleeve, braided by polyester monofilament and polyester multifilament.

 It has good heat dispersion performance, fireproofing, Abrasion resistance, easy to operate, Open structure is good for wire harness to install, maintain and repair. ZSC self-closing PET Braided sleeving is a new kind wire protection sleeve, braided by polyester monofilament and polyester multifilament.

 It has good heat dispersion performance, fireproofing, Abrasion resistance, easy to operate, Open structure is good for wire harness to install, maintain and repair.

NILON 66 -Scalable Braided sleeves by woven nylon 66 monofilament, has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, softness.
Products are widely applicable military-industrial complex, automotive, aerospace and other fields, is used to protect wire, rubber hose, pipe and other components.

MST- Closely woven Velcro textile sleeve is seamed by Polyester multifilament And Velcro, Product has good fire resistance, noise resistance, abrasion resistance, dustproof, operation simple and convenient, reusable and other good characteristics.

PNBT-Metal shielding open-type densely woven protective tubeIt has excellent shielding property, opening structure, easy to install, overhaul, and can be reused. It is widely used for anti-interference shielding protection of electronic, electrical and mechanical, railway, automotive wiring harness, optical fiber communication, and aerospace wiring harness signals.

TLFZ Non-expandable Dacron Textile Sleeve is weave by high-performance Dacron multifilament. it has the characteristics of excellent stretch resistance, corrosion resistance, explosion proof, abrasion proof, reducing noise, moisture absorption, dust proof, etc.

JLBZ- Polyamide Fiber Braided Sleeve braided by army green Chinlon fiber, is soft, light-weight and resistant to environments. It`s easy to use in multi-branch components with the methods of suturing and blinding , and it ensure the bifurcate is soft and bend easily, the narrow inside of it can protect wire harnesses well.

FZT-Noiseproof protection braided sleeving, self-coiling shape weaved by polyester monofilament and multifilament, has the characteristics of good

fireproofing, noise reduction, wear resistance, simple operation and others. Open structure is good for protecting wire harnesses, reinstalling, maintenance and servicing.

KFL- Kevlar fiber braided sleeve is made of kevlar fiber, with wear proof, humidity resistant, big tension, light-weight, stable dimension and other characteristics, it can be used for protectiong the wire materials and rubber hose in bad evironments.

MST-PB Velcro Shielding Sleeve is made by the composite of tinned copper hook wire, fire retardant cloth and magic tape, has the effects of shielding high sensitive electromagnetic interference, reducing noise, dust prevention and earth leakage protection.

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